Friday, 28 April 2017

No caminho do metro...

London Bridge always makes me happy... sempre me faz feliz...Bom fim de semana a todos. xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

Fechada para Balanço

E isso. Estou analisando as contas da vida e resolvi parar tudo para fazer um balanço, quando o extrato sair...voltarei. 

Aqui e Primavera e a vida segue. 
Abraco a todos. 


Friday, 10 February 2017

Frankly my Dear, I don't give a damn...

I have just finished reading Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell te epic saga of Scarlet O’Hara,  and the American Civil War… just a few minutes ago and I rushed to the computer to write while my (bitterly) delighted heart enjoys its final lines. I am trying not to cry but it’s so difficult.
Why is it that she can only see the truth when there is no way to fix things? It is so helpless. It's so sad. All I want to do is to scream and say Oh Rhett come back! She finally got it! She loves you she has always loved you!  

I was so little when I watched the movie… my mother still watches every year as she is a great fan of Clark Gable – I think he was the Brad Pitt of her day…after four days of the most frenetic reading I have ever endured, it’s done. It's all over and gone with the wind! 

One can drawn so many conclusions about it. There is so much to be said – good and bad – about it and the themes explored in this book: human nature, endurance in face of adversity, the fight of the fittest, feminism, slavery, racism, KKK and so many other controversial themes.
For me, however, as simpleton as it may sound, this book is about love. It’s a love story, and one of the best I have ever read. This is much less about Scarlet O’Hara saga but the story of Rhett Butler love for her. If her character is the heart of the book, he is the soul.
And though this will probably be the silliest post I will ever write; I did it anyway because I can’t help myself and because after all...why should I give a damn?

xxx G

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ice, Snow…& some January Memories

This has been a bitterly cold January. The coldest I have ever experienced in all my years as a “Londoner”, and not only cold but foggy too, polluted and rather unpleasant at times…

The year started with a little less celebration than usual… for the first time in my entire adult life I spent New Year’s Eve sleeping – M was so ill that I had no strength to stay awake to pop up Champagnes. So I said a prayer, asked for a good year and humbly went to bed. 

That was pretty much how my first week played out but things got better towards the end of the second week … my energy levels were restored by then and I resumed several activities that were left hibernating in 2016… so here I present a collection of the best and worst of my freezing January… 

The Good

1.  ☀ The shiniest memory of my January was M’s birthday and the fact that in two months he went from a baby to a toddler. He’s walking and talking… he points to a banana and says “nana”, and to his Dad and say “Tata” and me? I get “Mama” sometimes followed by loads of cuddling.

2.       I’ve promised myself I would write a little every day – in my sort of bullet journal – and I did it. I have discovered that I am very fond of ticking boxes.  

3.      I have watched incredible series:

The Jinx (which is quite heavy and dark but very good. They catch the bad guy in the end.

Nixon in his Own Words which was very interesting and it is from it that I chose my quote of the month: “I’m hurt but I am not slain. I’ll lay me down here for a while, then I will rise and fight again.” (Sir Andrew Barton)  – Then he (Nixon) complements “And this has been the story of my life.” It made me cry. I know he is/was a controversial figure and a man who did some truly horrible things but I think he really knew that. He knew he threw everything away, his name and legacy, because of his own greed. I felt sorry for him.

4. I have discovered that I love ginger beer with lime. It’s an absolute delight. 

5. I read frantically this January… and excellent books…

Between The World and Me by Ta-Nahesi Coates – I got this title from Obama’s reading list and in one word it is phenomenal. Quite thrilling for a (sort of) political book and I loved that the book is written as a letter to the author’s son. It is about African – Americans and their relationship with their country; the writing is beautifully crude which makes it a bit sad. One comes to understand that the fruits of slavery e.i. segregation, racism, division are still growing on fertile soil called ignorance; it definitely made me look at the “American Dream” from a different perspective. 
He writes with anger, with passion, he presses on open wounds and according to him equality is an illusion as great as the American Dream itself. He writes about that permanent sense of injustice African-Americans carry with them from birth and he gives his explanations for the root of that. Highly recommend. Ten starts!           

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri - I read Lahiri for the first a couple of years ago and she definitely left a lasting impression on me. This one is another collection of short-stories and themes are varied; alcoholism, death, family relationships, love, and resentment and all that being an immigrant entails. Her writing is fluid, her talent for storytelling, endless. She writes about “being an immigrant” but I could definitely relate to some of the characters feelings towards their adopted home. She is profound and the writing is never repetitive, tiresome or predictable. My favorite stories were Unaccustomed Earth, Hema and Kaushik and A Choice of Accommodation. I love her. She is on my Feb reading list again.

Last but not least I read a book that was on my list of “masterpieces to read” but I never got my head around to do it until… now… I have a thing with the so-called “masterpieces” they are quite disappointing for me. I read Ana Karenina and hated. I lost count on how many times I tried to read “War and Peace” and slept. The whole thing is so tedious. I know it is Leo – The Tolstoy – and some might say I am being ignorant but the reading was sooooo dull and all the faffing Karenina goes through because of that stupid Lieutenant, that delirious type of love bored me to death.

Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham however, surprised me a lot and I felt elated when I finished it as it was absolutely and utterly amazing! It is what a masterpiece should be in every sense of the word. It is the type of book unputdownable! Definitely recommend it!

I am finishing reading The Importance of Being Ernest (a play) by Oscar Wilde which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far. Very funny, it made me laugh several times, I can imagine the steer it caused when it was performed. I made a note of several passages but I need to finish this post now so I might add them later on.. same with the other books...

The Bad

Train Strike which is now over and I can get to M’s nursery on time, being late for everything sucks especially when our schedule is so tight.

 Catching a stomach bug is a horrid thing we all caught it – total nightmare!

☠ Trump! Because the world is a hard place to live already no need to make it any harder, right? 

It’s nice to appreciate the little things to make note of the bad stuff too so we learn from them...
That’s it from me now…Cheerio!

xx, G

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sem beijos sabor de menta...

Segunda-feira, a passada -  dia nove, meu M fez um aninho. Um ano passou se foi, um ano de tantas transformações internas (estou mais madura), externas (estou mais velha ), financeiras (estou mais pobre :) e no meu relacionamento (estamos mais cansados)... às vezes lendo as páginas da vida e o que as pessoas dizem por aí eu ainda me surpreendo como um bebê pode mudar tanto a vida de um casal.

A semana toda sim... eu pensei na felicidade que é, e está sendo criar um ser humano... mas estranhamente eu acabei pensando muito mais no L e em mim; e em como nós fizemos isso. Finalizamos um ano e começamos outro.. I mean como a dinâmica entre nós dois mudou, e em geral como as prioridades mudam, a rotina virou de cabeça pra baixo, as longas noites quando os dentinhos estão nascendo, ou os dias de vacinação e outras manhãs onde há um certo ressentimento de ver o outro menos cansado que voce...

Outro dia uma amiga me minha disse “parece ser tão fácil para vocês dois”… eu fiquei um pouco surpresa com o comentário porque nothing could be further from the truth. Eu tenho orgulho de ter um relacionamento de verdade…sabe aqueles…um dia o pau quebra mesmo, a paciencia acaba, a bagunca me da nos nervos e a vontade e mandar o rapaz ir catar coquinho na praia...noutros dias e ceu de algodao doce….

Mas o grande tchan de ter filhos sao as expectativas… o cansaço. A permanente falta de tempo... nao e a toa que relacionamentos terminam… porque é difícil para caramba deixar os nossos pequenos egoísmos e pensar no outro… porque noites românticas e Champagne viram pão com ovo e suco de laranja; viagens sem eira nem beira se transforman em férias “com piscina e área de lazer para crianças”, sessão cinema na sexta feira vira capotar na cama às 9 horas com esperança de dormir 5-6 horas ininterruptamente.
Claro que isso não dura para sempre, claro que o bebê vai dormir a noite inteira, claro que as fases vêm e vão…e elas passam…mas passar por elas, é que são elas…e e ai que mora o perigo.

No meu caso ja que nossas famílias não estão disponíveis a qualquer hora, e ajuda “free of charge” e luxo… nos tentamos intercalar nossos dias de folga, porque o amor e muito mas o corpo precise de repouso mas mesmo assim...não foi, não é e nao será facil. 

A celebração da semana que passou não foi só a do aniversário do M mas também ao amor do dia-a-dia, do cabelo desgrenhado, dos pijamas largos, de deixar o outro dormir uma meia-hora extra no Sábado de manhã, do café pronto quando vc acorda, do ir a padaria “porque o pão acabou e eu sei que vc não dormiu bem a noite”. A celebração foi à esse amor, simples, humano, amigo, solícito, esse amor que para muitos não parece romântico mas que para mim, é o verdadeiro. Sem frufru nem rosas vermelhas. Sem sorriso Colgate e beijos sabor de menta. 

xx G