Thursday, 27 March 2014

The blanket

This blanket has taken me two years to finish, mainly because I only worked on it while watching TV during the week after work or when I managed to squeeze in some extra crochet sessions at weekend. The project turned out quite big - it can easily cover a king-sized bed :) ...which I intend to buy in the the future...maybe when I have space to have one :)

The pattern...ripple is quite easy and they are available all over the web. Mine is from Lucy from Attic24 - she's given out a great tutorial, so have a look

So beautiful, isn't it?! Ripple is a very versatile stitch I especially like for throws and blankets because it is easy, it gives you a lot of room to play with colours and you can do on the go and not worry as it won't require too much counting or attention. The main thing with this stitch is to remember increasing at the ends every time you finish a row. If you do that, I am pretty sure you'll be fine. 

Here is what I used:
(Double knit special by Stylecraft)
Red - Lipstick (1246)
Orange - Jaffa (1256)
Yellow - Citron (1263)
Green - (that's the actual name of the shade - 1116)
Blue - Aspen (1422)
(Swimming pool Blue) - Turquoise (1068)
Dark Blue - Royal (1117)
Lavender (1188)
Violet (1277)
Purple - Emperor (1435)
Bright pink (1434)
Fiesta (1257)
Fondant (1241)


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