Saturday, 17 May 2014

Camus and The Outsider

One does not need too many words to say a lot... and to tell you the truth I had never finished reading a book that I disliked the main character so much… and FYI, my friends, that's GOOD writing. 

I have re-written most of this review after reading the explanations at the end of the book. However, despite the clarification - which shed some new light on my understanding of the story - my feelings for the character remained unchanged. I still dislike him. But now... I feel a certain admiration for him... for what he represents…Sorry, you will have to read to understand.  I won’t ruin for you telling you what I mean exactly because I will be ruining your chance to discover this book – which is after all, a real treasure.

First published in 1942, real wars made great writers and books and let’s keep at that - so I kind of understand why it caused a certain furor... the main character is quite "unaffected by emotions" or anything really ... including himself and his life’s turns…

If in one hand – this book made me think in the average men emptiness, apathy and lack interest to everything, anything and everyone. Not even politics makes no one’s blood boil anymore…

On the other hand …it got me wondering… if being insensitive is perhaps the most untainted form of honesty… For one thing I am certain… in 1942 or today 2014 he would be judged the same way; his personality would be at trial the exact same way… but maybe, if real, the end would be different.  I really don’t know – tell me what do you think after you read it?!

As for me…this book did to me, and I am sure it will do to you, what someone said it would: “mark you indelibly.” One thing I can promise you will make you think. 

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