Thursday, 29 May 2014

Catching up

...with my reading ... The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for example it is a good book but the reading is a bit heavy...and s l o w's a Victorian I felt as if Jack The Ripper would turn up at any moment :) but anyway overall it's worth your time. 

Virginia Woolf...what can I say... It's complex and it took me some getting used to her very unique style of writing but overall I loved it. I haven't read anything like it before. I need some more time to understand it better to adventure writing something about it...or maybe I will just read the book again.

Ryszard Kapuscinski...Another Day of Life... about Angola's independence - he wrote one of my favorites books called Imperium and I am reading another book by him at the moment so he will have a special post  because his stories are just tremendously and incredibly original and well written. He makes journalism sound like poetry... so yes, I like him a lot. 

Disgrace by J.M.Coetzee... well... let's just say that the thing I liked the most about this book was my cute book marker... and leave at that. 

That's all from me now


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