Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Sunflowers

This was my first "serious" crochet project.

I love sunflowers and I spotted these ones while surfing the net. It is from a baby blanket book called A Year of Baby Afghans Book 5 ( Leisure Arts) and I only bought it because of this pattern (the September pattern - I couldn't find the designer's name) but there are other patterns that are beautiful too, so it was well worth it.
It took me a while and many trials before I mastered the making of the flowers, the patterns was easy to follow but I was getting back into crochet at the time so it took me a bit to get it right...and the rest is history.

The only advice I would give to anyone making a granny flower project is to weave the ends as you go, otherwise you will end up with so much to do at the end.

I mixed different yarn weights for this project, the result...well, you tell me what you think. I liked it, and I almost can't see the difference. It looks great and it's so warm... these sunflowers put a smile on my face every-single-time I look at them. 


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