Friday, 18 July 2014


Sometimes life does not offer any options to us other than to reinvent ourselves. 

A few years ago I was an overweight girl, unhappy, fighting to fit on my jeans, drinker-(light) smoker and my ass was the size of Brazil. So after a little chat with myself I took one of the most important decisions of my life ( I am not kidding), I decided to change my food habits completely in order to lose 10 kilos and improve my overall outlook in life. Four years on - the changes I made became a lifestyle ( no I am not writing a book or selling anything :)  and most importantly I never looked back. High five!

Some people ask me what I did and how expensive it if I had the holy grail hidden somewhere in my bag... well the answer is simpler than anyone miracles...I changed my habits and I got the results and I did it within my budget. Yes, no expensive recipes, online miracles, shakes and all that..just a sheer and stubborn determination to feel better. So...... the other day I was trying to put down on a paper what/how I did and I condensed it in this post. 

My first step was a sort of detox plan which is based on my own research... here we go:

☠ The NO, NO, NO LIST 

Sorry but NOOOOO BOOZE - No alcohol whatsoever for at least 60 days - and this means no weekend exceptions, no excuses (stress, meeting a friend whatever it is - NO BOOZE!) After two weeks you will see how your skin will look a lot better and your body a lot less bloated.
Coffee - if you can or reduce it to once a day ( I don't drink coffee for three years now and I don't miss it)
Processed food - ZERO! White pasta, bread, canned stuff ( even if it says it's healthy) 
No take-away, fast food, deep-fried - ZERO, NADA! Fast food in any size, shape or form is evil food. Don't go near it.


From this list you can eat/drink whatever, whenever and as much as you like:

WATER! Herbal tea! Cranberry Juice! 
Steamed vegetables - I can't eat anything raw but if you can - go for it. Beans all types, sprouts, spinach (not canned, please!). Loads and loads of olives!!
GO GLUTEN FREE - starting with QUINOA! QUINOA! QUINOA to save the world! Plus buckwheat, amaranth,  barley, oats, hemp, wholegrain used to be on this list but I deleted it after noticing that I got really bloated after eating. 
Fish and seafood - at will! I'd say NO MEAT ( cause that's what I did but you don't need to be so radical - I introduced meat again after 30 days) maybe cutting it down to once a week will work better for you. That's up to you!
Fruits - always! I don't care what anyone says - diet books specially - my only rule with fruits is NEVER EVER eat it after a meal, NEVER!
Nuts! Anytime, anywhere! 

Important substitution: drop white sugar for MOLASSES or maple syrup

Of course, exercise! Keep it simple, remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE! That's my biggest challenge ( still ) but the important thing is...keep trying, keep going, stand tall, you can do it!

There is no easy way to do this. You must decide in your hear that this is what you want to do and go for it like the world will end in 30 days and it's your last chance. Where there is a will there is a way!

So...that's what I did. I know I sound like any other diet writer ready to make millions ( If only!) but that's the true, one and only Gigi Diet. It's mine, it's real and it works! I promise you that when you are done you will feel like Mohammed Ali, a true Champ! 

Xxx xxX

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