Sunday, 13 July 2014

Walking the walk…

For starts my commute to work which takes me about an hour door-to-door is a lot more exciting than before. Reading has been saving me from the abhorrence of the Metro news and that's a huge PLUS! It also has occupied my mind with words I didn't know, authors I never heard of and fantastic stories that I will never forget… no doubt it's a great way to keep going in my “Year of Patience”.

Secondly...The Library which is not far from where I live, is quite small and not very charming or beautiful as libraries usually are but it’s comfortable enough and sometimes I sit down in one of the IKEA sofas they have and I start reading the chosen book of the week, other times I just stroll along the shelves…as books have always brought me peace.

Number three...the idea of inserting crochet into this journey was born out of pure necessity. I needed a bookmarker! So I decided to make one for every book I read. This is an added pleasure because as the list grows, the journey is becoming more and more personal.

I am rediscovering what is like spending time with me. I know it sounds weird. I never thought I would miss that…most of my teen years I spent thinking how fantastic would be to be popular and have friends all the time calling me for parties, hanging out and having fun…today… when Friday comes all I want is peace and quiet. 

I read this in a magazine and really liked... made me think that our lives is really a book or short and very long stories...

Well…let's see if I can finish the journey on time (March,2015). 

Xxx xxX

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