Wednesday, 27 August 2014

To my Valentine on our anniversary

when you find someone that...

survive your mood swings
love you every day and even when you are not wearing makeup
hold your hand when the shit hits the fan
make you laugh uncontrollably
clean the house because he feels it is his turn
tell you off when you deserve
show you compassion when you are mean
give you space even when you don’t ask for it
admit he was unfair
send you silly faces and funny msgs when he knows you are having a tough day
never throw in the towel on you
believe you are good
and is there for you…
no matter how, no matter what, no matter when.

if you found this someone…you know what I mean…

I don’t need showy declarations or red roses once a year to know that you are my one and only Valentine. My everyday Valentine. 

Happy Anniversary, L! 

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