Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It's known as holidays blues

Since I came back from holidays all I do is work and get really tired...the mornings are foggy now, and dark - still  - by the time I wake up at 0615hrs...not sure what it is but I haven't felt really inspired to write. Maybe that's post-holidays blues syndrome or it could be post-Summer blues flu... I suffered from both every year...the symptoms are: uncontrollable desire to have ice-cream, rejection of heels and utter need to wear sandals and (try to) postpone the wearing of "THE COAT" for as long as humanly possible.     

After all I'd rather hold on to these...
Holidays essentials
Than get into all this clothing...not matter where..

We will always have Paris - taken in 2010 in a very COLD morning!
It's like going back to school...back in the day it's known as modern life slash daily routine...that trap us all...waking up in the morning, the breakfast, then it's "no time, gotta go"... and there I go to the tube, my reading, and the chair+desk+computer= work for another 8 hours...then it's getting back in the evening ...some more commute reading, shower, TV, chatting with L about our day and finally getting ready for the next day...

I really sound as if I am complaining... but I am not!  I am not the complaining kind... these are only some naive notes on reality. 

If only I had more time to spend here...but I guess I need time to recover and get used to the routine then I will slowly get back in here... I already started scribbling things on my little notebook... so I should be up and running in no time... get ready...

And you? How do you feel when you get back to normal life?


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  1. Quanto acontece de eu ter de voltar a "vida normal" depois de férias, ou um fim de semana perfeito, geralmente eu passo por um período de muita reflexão, geralmente de crise, pensando o que eu quero fazer da vida para mudar e melhorar minha rotina, se eu quero mudar mesmo, o que vai me custar essa mudança... Às vezes consigo colocar alguma ideia em prática, às vezes a ideia fica guardada em um cantinho...Na maioria das vezes a vida continua normalmente até o próximo momento perfeito e o bichinho da mudança voltar a incomodar...
    - desculpe se interpretei mal seu post e meu comentário não tiver nada a ver, meu inglês não é lá essas coisas =/

    1. Oi linda! Seu comentário tem tudo haver! Na correria da vida, nem sempre temos tempo para esses momentos de reflexão... eu acho que é por isso que esse “holidays blues“ está me pegando... porque eu tive tanto tempo para refletir e relaxar um pouco. Mudar é a melhor parte da estória...não podemos deixar esse bichinho passar :)

  2. Hehe, we're not fresh back from holiday but we're certainly feeling the end of the summer. We've been eating icecream under blankets several evenings this week, and are sloshing around in the pouring rain wearing coats, scarves... and flip-flops. I think we have a solid case of denial!


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