Sunday, 19 October 2014

A quiet Sunday...

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Oh my dears. you must have thought that I was going crazy last week. I went completely bananas in my last posts...I kind of regretted afterwards but life is made of angry moments too... and if I cannot throw a fit here, where can I? ...anyway everything is good... I had a very relaxing you might be wondering what have I done to calm myself down? 

Simples. I crocheted. Started a baby blanked project for my friend Aileen - you might not remember but she told me she was pregnant during out visit to the Lavender field in Croydon. She is now in her 21st week and it's going to be a girl!!! I had an idea about what I wanted to give to her (a ripple blanket ) but I was not sure about the colours...with a little help of Pinterest and a visit to my local yarn shop ... ta-dah!! - All rights reserved
Free blanket pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs
(Colours: Double Knit Special Stylecraft: White, Shade 1203 Silver and Shade 1240 Soft Peach)
It's a baby blanket so it won't take long to finish... I think....I hope. Well...I still have time she's got another 19 weeks until her little girl arrives - and so do I!.  It's been a while since I had a real project like this... my last one was a blanket to my friend Abby and it took me 6 months to finish. 

I am glad I am back to my old (calm) self again... 
Anyhoo, I only came to say hello... 

Have a lovely week...

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