Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dear Uncle Sam... here I come

It’s official now... so I can share.... Here I was… talking about holidays blues…. and I am getting ready to take off again...for the most part of the next 11 days,  I will be wandering around the streets of Chicago in the pompous and glorious United States of America!! dearests, do you have any tips for me? The beautiful Amy who is a Chicagoan living in Chile (p.s. she has an amazing blog) has given me some great ones…

Art Museum 
 Museum of Science and Industry
 Portillo’s Hot Dogs 
River tours off Navy Pier 
Walking along Wacker Drive
Howl at the Moon duelling piano bar on Hubbard
 Bandera Restaurant on Michigan and drinks at the Trump Tower

I am also after some underground- hidden- obscure- “non-touristy” things to do in Chicago? Do you know any of these?

I am going alone, L has started a new job and he cannot take time off now so my dear friend Abby will be discovering the windy city with me…she’s moved there recently but had no time to know the city yet. She's going through a very difficult time now and I am glad I will provide her with some distraction at least for a few days…

It’s going to be my first time in America and I feel exactly like a kid 
who is going to the Disneyland!!! 


Will keep you guys posted, I will do on the go this time...
the trip to Spain has taught me some lessons...

Don't forget the tips! 


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