Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The flag

I write these notes from Chicago, sitting on Abby's couch and thinking about friendship.

Abby's been incredibly generous with me - taking me on a road trip (on the weekend Winsconsin and Iowa to see the Mississippi River) and making sure I have plans for tomorrow ( and everyday), so I will make the most of my trip.
I did "The Flag" to her as present for having me here. She liked it, she said she did. I hope this blanket will warm her up and make her feel comfy in her first Chicago winter and many many other winters to come.

xx G  

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  1. omg! preciso de um desses! super lindo! *0*
    nas férias me obrigarei a aprender crochetear direito! hahaha

    Guria do Século Passado


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