Thursday, 27 November 2014

I am grateful

For this sky
Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. I have never celebrated this day because this is an American holiday but I quite like the idea of setting aside one day in a year to be thankful… after all we complain so much about everything but if we stop for a minute...we might see that we are a pretty lucky bunch.

So here are  somethings I am grateful for…

my morning soya hot-chocolate
my partner in life and in crime
loving what I do 
anti-ageing cream 
the first day of Spring
a good hair day
Bank holidays Mondays
having an imperfect family 
having friends who were there for me when I needed
my senses - all in perfect condition (still!)
my legs, arms and fingers and toes
being here
the sun, moon and stars
democracy and freedom to do, to go and say whatever the hell I want
not having many regrets
life’s cycles  - some people I love are gone, others are lost in the maze of life but I was lucky to have known them and learned from them during the time they were with me
STILL believe one day Humanity will evolve to never see the different as inferior

for all these little and not so little things... I am grateful.

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  1. Que foto hein!! Linda de mais! Realmente, é muito importante olharmos as coisas boas que nos cercam e que sempre passam despercebidas...Ah, e esses dias passei por aqui e vi que tinha fotinhos da sua viagem para os EUA, mas como a internet estava uma #$% não consegui abrir, só agora consegui ver, muito legal! Desde que comecei a entender um pouquinho sobre a história deles também comecei com uma vontade de um dia conhecer essa região que você visitou, muito legal!!


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