Tuesday, 9 December 2014

27 things I hate

  1. Sharing  my popcorn in the cinema (with L is okay)
  2. Big Brother
  3. Lettuce
  4. Techno music
  5. Loud people
  6. Watching people licking their fingers
  7. Couples that spend their time with other couples bickering at each other
  8. People who expect you to help them – to find them a job, put a good word for them while they don’t do anything. 
  9. Dishonesty – people taking advantage of other people
  10. Cleaning the bathroom
  11. The last episode of Gilmore Girls -  actually  the last season of Gilmore Girls - so unfair!
  12. People always asking “why are you dressed up today?” – if you want look like shit it’s your problem, please leave me alone.
  13. People who say graffiti is a form of art – well it’s not - it just makes cities look dirty and decadent.
  14. Picky people – just eat what’s on the table and shut up
  15. People asking what’s NOT on the menu
  16. Judgmental people
  17. People who describe themselves as Christians but never help anyone
  18. Smelly people in the underground 
  19. Stylish” people who just look like a clown
  20. Racists, gloaters and snobs
  21. People who think I don’t understand them because English is not my mother tongue. FYI - I do understand, you asshole. Even the things you say quietly. If I don’t, I will ask because that’s what intelligent people do. Stupid people belittle and patronize others.  
  22. Wet towels
  23. Last minute cancellations 
  24. People that complain about everything
  25. People chewing with their mouth open
  26. People who stick their chewing gum underneath the table or chair
  27. This list

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