Thursday, 4 December 2014


Antologia de contos mal escritos 
que ninguém nunca leu
Anthology of badly written stories
no one ever read

But it seemed she had no other choice. She looked at the time again, 4 minutes left. A mixture of sadness and indignation had suddenly dominated her. She felt betrayed, hurt, she wanted to cry, disappear.

They had planned the tour for about a year. On the paper everything seemed perfect. Cities, monuments, restaurants, friends to visit. The only thing they didn't count on was that they would be together 24/7 for almost 10 weeks and THAT would be the problem. But they were in their 20s, what could go wrong?

"It's over. Even if he turned up at the last minute, it's over! How can he put me in this situation? Just leave me without a note, a message, nothing! This trip has turned out to be a huge mistake" she said in a crying voice. 

The engines started and again the hysterical steam sound of the train called her as if saying "it's time to go". While holding on to the last grasp of hope, she looked around once again. He wasn't there. He wasn't coming.

When the train station was far from her eye sight a breathless man appeared at the station screaming:

"Stop this train. Stop this train! Joyce, I am here! 

The porter who was watching the scene turned to him and said:

"No more trains today, sir"

Peter, exhausted, sat at the same bench that Joyce had sat a few moments ago. He took a deep breath and thought "Maybe I can reach her tomorrow."

They would meet each other again ten years later. 

I've written this little narrative
 for no reason back in 2011

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    1. Ola Camila! Que bom ter voce por aqui :) A inspiracao ainda nao veio mas penso em um dia continuar essa estorinha ...quem sabe um dia...


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