Saturday, 31 January 2015


January is usually the most difficult month of the year for me. Money is short and resolutions are expensive so I' ve been dragging myself along these thirty-one days with resolute commiseration and promising myself  "it's the last year, it will never happen again." I can't help but blame father Christmas for everything.

Despite all that, Januaries are the best time of the year for people like me who love starting afresh. Second chances. New beginnings. So far, January of 2015 has been one of very cold (sometimes moony) mornings and frost.
There have been some happy birthdays to the old and new generations of my family. Niece number four arrived weighting 8 pounds and in a hurry: two weeks early.  This month I have obsessed over blog design (finding your online self is as difficult as find your own self), I have planned a Scandinavian retreat which may never come to fruition, got promoted (which made me realize that I am not after all the Invisible Woman).

I have also been trying to keep my mind busy so I can endure another (maybe) three (four?!) months in my teeny-tiny flat (which I am trying not to hate since it is not its fault) until we can finally move on and out of here while I fight with my body  to do something about the gym I joined in my New Year frenzy and the diet I’ve been postponing for four Mondays.

Despite the downturns and struggles January carries on as if it has somewhere to go. Perhaps it is February turning the corner and knocking on the door. There are some signs that February will be much better. A lot better, indeed.'s bye-bye January, welcome February and now we're a step closer to Spring and some of this:


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