Friday, 30 January 2015

Question time

I’ve been trying to develop a writing habit. I know prompts help but sometimes they are so uninspiring that they put me off sitting down and typing. I read this mini interview on the Evening Standard magazine and started answering the questions in my head. 

Writing about triviality is so much fun…and is as much a writing exercise as any other...  so here I go…

1. What time do you wake up?
At 6:20-30am on weekdays and at around 8am on weekends. I used to be able to sleep till midday but I can’t do that anymore, I don’t know why. 

2. How often do you work out?
All together 3-4 months a year! I hate exercising, I know I supposed to like it but I don’t. For me it’s a huge effort, an effort I am more willing to make during summer, so I workout, have a shower afterwards and walk home on my flip-flops. 

Where do you do your food shopping?
I know it’s more fashionable to answer Waitrose but I do my shopping in Sainsburys.

Power shower or relaxing bath? 
Power shower, always. That’s how I grade hotels I stay. 

Guilty pleasure?
Soya hot-chocolate from Starbucks, when they get my name right it’s extra nice. (sometimes they get close)

Favourite TV show
I definitely have more than one, so that’s a difficult question. Psychological –crime drama are on the top of my list ( Last series binge was True Detective) and lately documentaries from BBC4 especially with (Prof) Brian Cox. 

Best place to read the papers on a Sunday morning?
The French café near where I live it’s warm and they have some really mean cakes. 

Favourite designers
For fashion, Chanel because it is classic and Karl Lagerfeld (his own label) because he is modern. Nordic design for home-décor. 

Last album you bought?
It was “Liquid Spirit”  by Gregory Porter. He is a jazz singer and “Hey Laura” is one of the songs I most listen to lately. I am not very into music, I don’t follow any trends. I only know one Lady Gaga song, I went on a concert of Kings of Leon and I didn’t know who they were, my husband always laughs when I say that. I only really know three music genres, the rest I am completely ignorant of it.

Person you phone most often? 
L. I also text. 

Would you rather be on Strictly, Celebrity BB or I’m Celebrity? 
None of them. I hate reality TV and can proudly say I’ve never watched any of them. I don’t think they are worth my time. 

What annoys you most about London life?
How expensive the public transport is. Even in Paris the transport is cheaper. 

Last time you took the Tube? 
This morning at 7:40am

New Year’s resolution?
Develop a writing habit. Exercise (which I am failing already) and travel East.  

Favourite app?
I am hooked on Blogovin app. I found some nice blogs there plus I can save posts to read later. It’s nice. 

** “Prompt extracted from Evening Standard Magazine 16.01.2015 page 17. 


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