Thursday, 5 February 2015

Happy Birthday, L

Today is his birthday. He was born in a very cold, freezing morning thirty something years ago at midday while I was on the other side of the world in a scalding hot summer probably trying on my first Carnival costume.

He is the funniest and most generous person I know. I simply love his company, my very own 21st century Mr Darcy who enjoys cooking and asks for cookware for his birthday. Thanks God he is not perfect because he already is too good to be true.
Sometimes when he sleeps on the couch next to me I pinch myself to believe he is mine, my partner in life. He told me he didn’t want to appear on my blog too often but I think I am allowed one post a year, on a special day like today.

So to be brief... today, all I want is his day to be exactly like him: incredible, interesting, warm, cuddly, funny and packed with yummy love.
Happy Birthday, L. and the other thing, yes, I do very much but I can't say it publicly because you don't like. 

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