Monday, 2 February 2015

My London

London, UK
Home is: 
SW London. I love the area, I have always lived in the South. It’s just a pity everything has become so expensive here. 
Best Meal
Recently I went to the Typing Room where the Chef Lee Westcott is, and it was perfect. 
Where do you stay in London
Though I live here, I did stay in hotels for fun and celebrations, the best one was an apartment in Town Hall Hotel, East London. The building is gorgeous and full of history.
Last show you saw?
3 Winters, a play by Tena Stivicic about Croatia's recent history told through three generations of the same family. 
Favourite Discoveries
Little hidden bookshops and local cafes. Alleys and streets near Tower Bridge never disappoint me.
First thing you do when you arrive?
I have some tea. 
Earliest London memory?
Walking to the National Gallery, sitting in front of Monet' s painting and not believing I was actually there. Discovering Soho was quite a shock too. 
Building you would like to live in?
In an apartment at the York Gate in Regent's Park.
What do you collect?
Stationery. Blog templates. Photos. Old magazines. Vintage books.
Building you would like to be locked in overnight?
The V&A. 
Who are your heroes?
Self-made men and women,and my Mum and Dad. They did their best despite it all.
What would you do as a Mayor?
Get rid of buses in Zone 1.
Best thing a cabbie has said to you?
"You should go home."
Best place to let your hair down?
At home with L.
Ever had a run-in with a London policeman?
I called the police to report a man I saw climbing through the window of the building next to mine. It ended up being the owner who had forgot the keys. When I apologised, the policeman reassured me that I did the right thing. I felt like Superman.
Best place for a first date?
Regent's Park during Summer
Favourite Shops
ASOS and Net-A-Porter for a VERY special treat. I have surrendered to online shopping almost 100%. It’s so much better and I love that “you’ve got mail” feeling.
Best place for a night cap
Quaglino's: great, low-key atmosphere and amazing cocktails.
Who do you call for fun? 
My Clyde always, my sisters (when in Brazil) because we can't stop laughing when we are together and I can have loads of fun on my own too.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given
“Don't know what to do? Go to London to find out.” (I did.)
What's your London like? 

**Prompt extracted from the last page of Evening Standard Magazine**

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  1. Que fotos hein! Londres deve ser mesmo incrível... Ah, e o blog novo ficou lindo!

    1. Hey Camila, obrigada. To celebrando uma nova fase, e precisava de roupa nova! Bjs

  2. O seu blog novo está lindíssimo!

    1. Hey Lor! Obrigada, que bom te ver por aqui!


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