Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Patience is a virtue

I don't have. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but sit back, take a deep breath and wait. There isn't a phone call, checking anything or talking to someone that will change the slow motion course of things. 
I am in a situation like this right now, trying to solve a problem from one side and finding obstacles on the other side. Why did I leave my little Moleskine at home today of all days?! Is this some sort of divine joke, God trying to teach me a lesson?
From all virtues described in the Book, patience is the most difficult for me to practise. I could never read the whole Job chapter because the man really get on my nerves ( Dear Lord, forgive me for the blasphemy). 
But I was defeated in my own game so I will, for once, leave the powers that be to manage the situation I'm embroiled in it up to my neck. I guess for them all deadlines can wait.

C'est la vie.

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  1. lovely blog! just poked around a bit, and there are such great posts and photos. looking forward to reading more here and am glad you introduced yourself so i could discover it today! -anna


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