Sunday, 1 February 2015

There is hope

After a while writing about the weather and the seasons become an occupational hazard for any blogger. It's no doubt a great way to keep track of things and introduce the changes of life. Living in England for so many years, talking about the weather is something I can only describe as "part of the English culture"and I have learned that it is the best way to start and finish any conversation. 

I won't bore you complaining about Winter because I like low temperatures. Perhaps, if we had some snow in London, the coldness would be a little bit more fun to bear but "it is a truth universally acknowledged" (excuse me Ms Austen for the plagiarism) that no one can have it all. 

Winter is slowly making room for Spring and though I can't say "Spring sprang" yet, I can say she is on her way. In my garden the first signs of life started to show... and that was enough to put a smile on my face. 

Here, sitting on the couch with my poor heating turned on full blast which gonna cost me an arm and a leg  I am smiling and thinking: "Yes, there is hope."
Happy February to us all.

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