Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Waters of March

So here we are: the end of March and the Easter bunny is knocking on our doors. 2015 is already going too fast for my liking; I can’t help but feel a bit old and slightly depressed. To be honest I haven’t been feeling like myself lately (meaning being more positive than negative), I know it is life but the hardships, the constant need to “keep going”, and “keep faith” are corroding my faith in things. 

The Waters of March wash away the summer in Brazil (at least it did before global warming); in here it brought Spring (ish) weather. “Waters of March” is a famous Brazilian song, the original version in Portuguese is better; anyway I had  to
keep my post idiom coherent. So here it is – in English...
So what has happened in my life this March? Well… I told you about Joe Bonamassa’s blues, a lot of work, I complained a bit (the tone of this post is sorrowful I think...) but I didn't tell you about the opera I went to called Madame Butterfly. It was at the Royal Albert Hall and though it was very beautiful, it did not live up to my expectations. But it was a great experience, a good night with friends plus I got a reseating** ticket and ended up really close to the stage. Yes, yes: amazing.
I went to Poprad/Slovakia for a quick city break and wrote all about it in here to the Land of Marvels
 I also made some more coasters for my future home because having 1,000,000 coasters is not enough. 
 I met little Isobel, Aileen's daughter. She loved her present (the beautiful throw I made) but she was not happy about me holding her. Guess no one can have it all. 
 I crossed George Orwell Bridge (I'm not kidding) and took this really nice picture. 
And this "Harry Pottery" at Kings Cross Int. station

I celebrated my first anniversary of blogging on the 28th March and I felt so happy and grateful for having this space. Blogging has made me a better person. So Happy Blogversary to me!

I know my March was not thrilling but I am a real person. I have a real life. I don’t go all the time to incredible places and do incredible things. 

I kept a lot to myself this month. I am yet to find the right words to express my feelings. Words as we know need to be polished, crafted, tweaked and these are miles away from the words I have now. The words I have at the moment are still raw and painful. Being a woman is not easy. Feeling sorry for myself doesn’t help. So I will leave it at that and see if the waters of March wash away whatever it is that needs to be washed.  

Happy April, everyone.  

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