Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Things to do while in Chicago

At times visiting big cities can be a bit overwhelming, it’s the old problem of “so much to do and so little time”, that we don’t know where to start. In my travels, I try to balance visiting tourist sites and getting a feel for the “real” city. Sometimes we do more of one thing than the other, but that will depend on the city and on the trip. I think that on my tour of Chicago I have achieved this balance.
The “Windy City” of skyscrapers, elevated trains, wide streets, and friendly people has captured my heart. This weekend I was going through my pictures (trying to put them in order), and I felt almost compelled to write another post about the things I did when I was in Chicago… here is the result:
Walking through Lincoln Park 

and feeling for a as if I was in Rio. 
Hop on the El, get off at Randolph/Wabash, and walk to the Millennium Park towards The Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) 
to take really cool selfies like this one; 
find more art sculptures,
 loads of Monets at the Art Institute of Chicago, 
and observe local builders practising a synchronised lunch break. 

To find on 27E Illinois Street a rare vinyl shop and end up spending too many dollars in there.
Pit stop at Chicago Cubs was a “must do”, even if only for the picture. Abby explained me baseball rules but I have already forgotten. 
Go to Giordano’s Pizzeria and have an amazing and gigantically-delicious pizza experience.
Walk to La Salle Street for the following:

Chicago City Hall: a place that speaks its history. 
The Money Museum, where I learned more about dead Presidents.
Take pictures of the elevators of One LaSalle building. It’s old fashioned and it feels like Back to the Fifties — if you were in a movie. 
Admire more skyscrapers since you are in Chicago. 
Go up to Willis Tower to see them all from above
and understand the real meaning of the word VERTIGO!

Walk aimlessly and find out where Route 66 starts;
 recognise homes and buildings from your favourite rom-com The Lake House! 
Get inspired by philosophical streets…
And wish I was a millionaire to buy houses like these ones…
 Have drinks at The Signature Room (95th floor) to see more of Chicago (because it’s never enough)… Cheers!!

Feel really patriotic, even if the flag was not yellow and green. 
Of course, a trip to Chicago would not be complete if I didn’t go to see the Bulls 
or sneak a pic on ESPN news LIVE! 

Take an architectural boat tour (which I bought from Chicago groupon by the way) 
on a freezing morning 


End a day of walking and discoveries with comedy at The Second City. 
Lastly, since Chicago is famous for Blues and Jazz singers, go to the Green Mill (tip: they charge an  fee and the place trades on a cash only basis).

I had a great time in Chicago, and I have plans to visit the city again. The city is gorgeous and there is so much to do. Chicago is definitely my kind of town (sorry Sinatra but I couldn’t resist).


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