Thursday, 26 November 2015

Chronicles of a Mummy to be

Generally speaking pregnancy has been a surprising journey for me, all the ideas and preconceptions I had about it were not confirmed. I did not put on a lot of weight as I always thought I would; my hips which were always an issue for me are still looking pretty normal and I had no emotional rollercoasters so far... a bit worried now, maybe I should be going bananas :)

I didn’t know how incredibly smart the human body is until I got pregnant. We don’t need to eat for two; our bodies will do all the job for prioritising the baby over us so we don’t need to worry about eating too much or too little. In fact the midwife told me that we only need 200 calories in the last trimester (an extra slice of bread, my ladies) and that's all.

Reading & Information
I selected some books to read on the topics pregnancy, active birth, breastfeeding, multilingualism and child development ( check the titles I recommend on the HOME page)  I will still learn most things when the baby arrives anyway but I thought I should sneak a pick on these subjects, it also helped in making myself aware of things I didn't even know existed.

Food & Eating & Drinking
I have changed my diet completely a few years ago, so adapting to a "pregnancy diet" was really easy. I stuffed myself with avocados, melons, bananas, strawberries. Spinach leaves, lasagnas, quesadillas because that’s what I wanted to eat, so I ate. Lately, I have developed an unexplained craving for sweet pastries and fudge, it’s a bit weird because I am not a sweet-tooth type, never have been… but I think that if my body is asking for it I should have it sometimes…

What I miss the most...
Raw herring served with onions and olive oil. Glass of  Sherry. Sleeping on my right side.

Really tough one. We have a very short short-list of names and our preferences so far didn’t match. I guess we will have to wait and see our baby to know which name to pick.

News from the bump…
Holly molly this baby moves! Sometimes my little one presses against my tummy in a way that I honestly think I will explode. L sings to baby every night before we go to bed, he tells him about his day and what he did and baby always moves when L talks about food :)

Listening to my heart
One of the good things I’ve learned during my pregnancy was to filter a lot of things people share with me. I did not pay any attention to horror delivery stories, I didn’t answer all the questions I was asked. I said no to certain offers and yes to many others. It was a very selfish attitude on my part but I I figured that if I am going to be a mother I have to start listening to my heart and trusting my own judgement..,

I am happy and a little anxious. I have only six weeks left now and time is going really fast. Not being able to move as speedily and independently as before is bothering me a bit but I am glad that won't be forever... and L has been so really what to complain about?

The Baby room is almost ready, I washed and ironed all clothes (very cute little things) and we are slowly organizing our home. Fitting things here and there… decorating is not an easy task...I’d like to have 75% of things done before I go on maternity leave….but we will see...

… it’s a fantastic moment in my life and I feel that for the first time I am making the most of it. I missed some of my life’s milestones by worrying too much or obsessing with little things… but for some reason this is not happening now. I can only thank God… so Thank You God Almighty for helping me through this, for a healthy pregnancy. I cannot wait to see the face and hold baby’s tiny hands for the first time.

That’s all from me now folks..

xx G

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