Friday, 30 September 2016

Five of Five....

Joining in with Amy and Five on Friday

One of Five

M's naps this week were a bliss. He slept 1.5hours in the 9am and 1:30pm naps Monday to Thursday!! (today I woke up from this dream :) he slept 45 min on each nap...still not bad...) Anyway this Mama here was sooooo happy I could get some extra ME time... 

and some of this time I spent sitting on this chair reading......

Two of Five

........or listening to my tunes... 

As much as I LOVE silence, I also love music. But I have to confess I'm not very adventurous when it comes to choosing new people to listen. My fave tunes at the moment are Nina (Simone) but she 's always a fave so it shouldn't count... soundtrack of Lake house (I absolutely love,love, love this movie) and Gregory Porter he's a jazz musician from Chicago (who looks a bit weird and wears this Chewbacca hat :)  but who cares he's absolutely amazing) and I'm in love with him.

I adore this song...Hey Laura....

Three of Five

.........eating blueberry muffins I baked..........

Four of Five

.........celebrating my brand new Cornishware...........

Five of Five

.......admiring my carnations.......

I know they are not as classy as roses, or as happy as daisies, or as delicate as lillies....
but I love them all the same... plus they are the birth flower for those born in the month of January... my baby's month...and for that alone I love them even more...

Little moments.

Happy moments.

Have a beautiful weekend. 


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  1. Lovely Five on Friday. Thanks for sharing. Love Blueberry muffins - those look delicious!

  2. I believe the mini-carnations are called Elegance. Appropriate, I think, because I think they truly are elegant. Plus they last forever and the buds bloom as a bonus. My choice anytime I can find them. The buds which are really tightly closed won't open, just the ones where you can see petals. Take off the green buds to extend the life. You'll have flowers for many days. These look like peppermint. Love them.

  3. I enjoyed your five :)
    Carnations quite often have a lovely spicy scent, do yours? I think that adds to their beauty as well.



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