Friday, 2 September 2016

Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy and Five on Friday!

Life is made of little moments and these little details make a whole lot of difference. I  usually let them pass me by or I just take them for granted but today I'm here attempting to register some fragments of my week, days... some of them didn't actually happen this week but I decided to put them here anyway. 
Thanks, Amy for this great idea, I believe that the task of finding five things that made me happy is a therapeutic way of focusing on the bright side of life. xx

Baby led weaning is the way to go now.
Introducing solids to a baby is very challenging, the amount of patience and work involved is huge. After weeks of feeling a bit frustrated and worried whether M was getting enough goodies in, I've decided to change my approach to weaning. To do that I had to come up with something to make finger food a little more interesting and healthy... and here it is my very own creation: Bulgar wheat, quinoa, tuna cakes which I served with natural yogurt.
M approved and he made his mama very happy.
They are very easy to make and super yummy, here's the recipe:

Bulgar wheat and quinoa were cooked with a baby (no salt) veggie stock.
Once cold add the tuna (in brine), one egg and one yolk, tsp of olive oil, spinach leaves finely cut, two tbsp of flour then mix it until sticky.
Shape them as you like and before frying deep them in breadcrumbs!

DYI an Ikea table!

We moved to our new home when I was 6 months pregnant and decoration was not on the top of our priority list. So it's taken almost a year but every month - bit by bit - our place is getting into shape. Since our budget is not very big we decided to DYI an Ikea dining set to our taste. The inspiration came from Pinterest (I'm totally obsessed with it!). It took us 4 days to get it done (+ re-touching of some chairs) but it was all worth it. It sits perfectly in our living room and it matches our minimalistic home decor! 

Baking - My new found passion
I'm still learning to bake. I've tried many times before and it was always a complete disaster but slowly I'm getting the hang of it  and it's becoming easy and so delicious. Practice makes perfect, cliche but so true. So in a very ambitious move I'm taking part on a 7 days home baking challenge with Kayla from My Lovely Little LunchBox.
Here's my banana muffins from last week.
They were delicious, L loved it but M is a sugar free baby for now so I will have to make them again in the future!

M and I are packing our bags and flying to Brazil in October. Hooray!
(I didn't buy the tickets this week but I am still celebrating)

With the Olympics over, tickets prices are back to the normal level of expensiveness  :) 
It's been a while since I went home; and I just can't wait to see my nieces again, my brothers and sisters and for M to meet their cousins for the first time. This is an old picture (2011, I think) from my hometown, Vitoria/ES - it's a destination off the beaten track but it's gorgeous and peaceful!

Back to reading!

I've read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and I highly recommend it.
It is well written, if you liked The Help you will like this one, and a very good read.

And that's my Five on Friday, five things that made my week. 
I hope you all had a great week too... cheerio!!

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head on why we all like Five on Friday. Just focusing on five things make it easy to do a post. I plan to try your recipes when we aren't focused on low-carb in the future. For now I'll just drool over the pictures and pin them all to my food board. Safe trip this October...what fun to take a baby home to family!

    1. Hi Sugar, thank you for dropping by :) I am planning to bake some low sugar/gluten free recipes too, let's see how things go! xx

  2. Enjoy your trip, I so enjoyed the Olympics and looking around some of the country.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, the Olympics were great I loved having two teams to support :) xxx

  3. A great five! I hope you have a great trip... and yes! Pinterest is VERY addictive! xx

    1. Glad to hear I'm not alone! Thanks for the visit :) xxx

  4. Have a wonderful trip - it's always exciting to go home to familiar places. Your Ikea project turned out very well.

  5. Thank you, the ikea table oh it was a bit time consuming but we loved it in the end. As they say it doesn't need to be expensive to be beautiful :) Lovely that you stopped by! xxx

  6. What great moments! I love the table makeover, that is really great! Hope you have a wonderful time on your travels to see your family. Thank you for joining in, have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thanks to your brilliant idea I put these five together :) xx

  7. When I moved from California to Missouri, I brought very few pieces of furniture, but I couldn't leave my IKEA parson's table and chair behind. What a lucky break that was. The chair perfectly fits the built in desk in my kitchen, and the table fits just under the extension behind the kitchen sink (which is in the kitchen island). The wood even matches my cabinets. I can drag that table and chair out to work on cards or work puzzles in front of the TV and then put them back in their home spots.

    Now my nearest IKEA is 2+ hours away. How I miss it.

    1. Oh no! Ikea is great, I also love it and it's affordable which is another plus! Thanks for the visit :) xx

  8. Those wonderful healthy finger foods look glad the little one approved! Sounds so healthy! Loved your banana muffins too.

    1. Thank you, weaning is a very challenging phase for baby and for mama! You can try they are easy to make :) thank youfor stopping by. xxx

  9. You made a great job with the dining set. Love the idea of the tuna finger food. Einderful. You are a good mother x

    1. Thank you for saying I'm a good Mum! Motherhood is a lonely ride sometimes no matter how much support one have from partner, family and friends. Fish is the most difficult food for babies to like so I had to be creative :) xx


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