Friday, 16 September 2016

Five Things

Here are the five things that made my week...

Thing One:

I have a confession to make. I am very jealous of those bloggers who write the Colour Collaborate. I do. I am a big fan of idea and the incredible posts they write (here, here, here some of my favourites posts). I'd love if it was open to everyone as in our Five on Friday...'s my mini-collaboration... very mini indeed... but aren't these Freesias exquisite?

Thing Two

Do you want to know an interesting thing about me? Charles Darwin and I share the same birthday.  Twelve of February 1809 and I'm over thirty -  nuff said!  I found out when I was about 10 and my teacher gave us the assignment: "Who was born in my Birthday? Since then I've been completely fascinated by him, I've even tried reading The Origins of Species... but I fell asleep too many times while doing and I kind of gave up... 
Anyway...we went to visit his house in Downes, Kent. A beautiful countryside home, so cosy... huge, kind of understand how he could brew genius ideas living in a place like that...
National Portrait Gallery

Thing Three:

I look after a little human being 24/7 and despite having noblest responsibility of feeding him, clothing, instructing, teaching him good manners, how to be a good person, to inspire others (if possible) and of course unconditionally love...sometimes being a mum boils down to sewing labels  to a lovey so (hopefully) your baby will start liking it.

M loves labels so I though I'd give the poor bunny fella an extra help on getting some cuddles.

Thing Four:

I have rediscovered my lifelong passion for stationary. I'm going back to work in December and lately I have been feeling an overwhelming need of getting things organised...

The Royal Horticultural Society - Japanese Iris Notebook Set I took my little companion on a trip to a few bookstores this week searching for more stationary and to assess next year's diary (I've been a Moleskine Monthly Planner user for the past 6 years and I think it's time to move on...) 

There are several bookstores I like in London but Waterstones is definitely one of my favourites; it's usually empty(ish), the staff is very knowledgeable and anyone can sit around and read for free (for me it's like going to the fitting room) their large, comfy leather sofas...well with a baby I wasn't able to do all the faffing I usually do but was perfect as it was and I left the shop with this little treat...
And Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche

Thing Five

Nothing beats a good drink, a good book and listening to your favourites tunes on repeat. Nothing.


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  1. I totally agree with your last comment, and I shall use it as my quote when I write my blog Sunday. Of course, you will have credit. I'll Americanize it just slightly. Loved your photos, and I'm going to see if I can find someone born on my birthday.

    1. Thank you, Patsy. Wow, I'm glad you liked it! Shall visit your space to say hi :)

  2. I wonder who might have been born on my birthday! I've never even thought about that but I'm going to do a search!
    I've been trying to get more organized as well. Something about 'back to school' time makes me want to do this, I think. I've been searching for the perfect planner and am trying to decide if I want to actually buy one, or keep using my little moleskin style booklets that I use. Decisions...decisions...

    Cindy Bee

    1. My teacher was very creative! I shall keep you posted on my choice of planner maybe it will inspire you to try something different. If all fails, I will carry on with my beloved Moleskine that never let me down :) thanks for stopping by. x

  3. A lovely five and beautiful photos. It has got me wondering who I share a birthday with and must research it. The labelled bunny made me smile as we had to sew ribbons onto things for my niece - she liked to twiddle them to help her sleep!

    1. Hello Annie, I'm glad I'm not the only one making this little crazy things for my baby :) and thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi Giselle, I've just hopped over via Five on Friday. What a lovely Five! I love stationery too, I'm totally with you on that one and those notebooks are gorgeous. I think your flowers are actually freesias rather than fuchsias? Hope you are enjoying the weekend. x

    1. Hi Mrs Tiggywinkle, you are correct! These are freesias! I have already updated the post, thank you so much. I love these flower and this lavender colour is just...gorgeous! It's a big decision indeed, my search is on! Lovely having you here :) x

  5. #5!!! Principalmente quando se trata daquele café brasileiro!!!! Huuuuummm!!!!!

  6. Olá, Giselle! Surprisingly happy por estar em tua lista de leituras do Blog! <3 Já acompanhando teu cantinho de escrita também! :))
    Saudações do Rio de Janeiro!

    1. Ola Rebeca! Eu adoro o Papel Papel, fiquei feliz por vc aparecer por aqui. Obrigada por me incluir la também :) Bjs

  7. Wonderful five. I love the flowers that are first in your post - beautiful!


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