Friday, 10 February 2017

Frankly my Dear, I don't give a damn...

I have just finished reading Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell te epic saga of Scarlet O’Hara,  and the American Civil War… just a few minutes ago and I rushed to the computer to write while my (bitterly) delighted heart enjoys its final lines. I am trying not to cry but it’s so difficult.
Why is it that she can only see the truth when there is no way to fix things? It is so helpless. It's so sad. All I want to do is to scream and say Oh Rhett come back! She finally got it! She loves you she has always loved you!  

I was so little when I watched the movie… my mother still watches every year as she is a great fan of Clark Gable – I think he was the Brad Pitt of her day…after four days of the most frenetic reading I have ever endured, it’s done. It's all over and gone with the wind! 

One can drawn so many conclusions about it. There is so much to be said – good and bad – about it and the themes explored in this book: human nature, endurance in face of adversity, the fight of the fittest, feminism, slavery, racism, KKK and so many other controversial themes.
For me, however, as simpleton as it may sound, this book is about love. It’s a love story, and one of the best I have ever read. This is much less about Scarlet O’Hara saga but the story of Rhett Butler love for her. If her character is the heart of the book, he is the soul.
And though this will probably be the silliest post I will ever write; I did it anyway because I can’t help myself and because after all...why should I give a damn?

xxx G

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